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Kidscreen – Amazon Prime rides with ChuChu in India

An exclusive agreement will see the popular preschool YouTube channel debut on Amazon Prime Video in India.

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Amazon Prime rides with ChuChu TV in India

Kidscreen – MoMedia is reaching for the digital stars

MoMedia is currently repping five of YouTube’s top-10 children’s brands, MoMedia is relishing its role as one of the industry’s go-to digital solutions providers.

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MoMedia is reaching for the digital stars

MoMedia Executes License Agreement with Mondo TV

Mondo TV have executed a license agreement with MoMedia TV Ltd, a company based in London, for the communication and exploitation of a number of programs produced or distributed by Mondo TV on pay digital platforms, like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Google.

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Reuters – MondoTV executes license agreement with Mondo TV


MoMedia Signs Distribution Deal with Shaftesbury

MoMedia has secured a deal to distribute content from innovative content creator and producer Shaftesbury’s television and movie catalogue.

The agreement will see MoMedia repackage and distribute 37 hours of Shaftesbury’s movie and TV content including romantic comedy film ‘Dirty Singles’ and all four seasons (72 episodes) of the hit 30-minute family comedy drama series ‘Life with Derek’ and its companion movie, ‘Vacation with Derek’. The agreement covers English speaking territories; UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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Nelly Voukaki Joins MoMedia as Head of Business Development

Nelly Voukaki, who has spent the last nine years in various roles at the Antenna Group, has been tapped to fill the newly created post of business development director at MoMedia. She will be reporting to Lucas Bertrand (CEO) and will be bringing new brand partners and lines of revenue to the business.

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Worldscreen – MoMedia Hires Head of Business Development


MoMedia Signs Liensing Deal for Pocoyo

MoMedia has announced a deal with Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment to distribute the first two series of hit Spanish pre school animated TV series ‘Pocoyo’ on transactional digital streaming platforms.

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Worldscreen – MoMedia to Rep Pocoyo on Digital Platforms

TV Latina – MoMedia representará a Pocoyo en plataformas digitales


MoMedia Appoints Senior Executives to Management Team

MoMedia has announced three senior management appointments. Anita O’Donnell joins MoMedia from Visual Data Media Service. Anita spent over 8 years at the multichannel encoding company, growing the businesses services across its core areas of asset management, localisation, distribution and mastering.

Entertainment executives Paul Robinson and Sebastien Janin have also joined MoMedia as members of the advisory board. Paul is an experienced, entrepreneurial international media executive with a strong track record of success at major organisations including the BBC, Walt Disney Company and KidsCo. Sebastien is an international manager with over 20 years experience in the movie and TV industries. Whilst at Apple he was previously responsible for the global roll out of iTunes and was subsequently their International Head of Independent Film.


MoMedia Seals Digital Distribution Deal For TuTiTu

(10 September 2015) The agreement will see Momedia create new packages and originals for broadcast and subscription services and repackage over 200 episodes into program blocks and distribute them across EST, VoD & SVoD platforms globally. Momedia will also support the release with social media marketing campaigns, promotional activity and additional brand licensing opportunities.

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C21 – YouTube Animation Net Targets VoD


Popcorn Time’s Choking Hazard

(25 August 2015) C21 recently published an opinion piece by our CEO Lucas Bertrand on the threat posed to kids content providers by Popcorn Time. The piece is published below:

C21 – Popcorn Time’s Choking Hazard


MoMedia Signs Deal With Hasbro Studios

(30 July 2015) The agreement will see MoMedia repackage and distribute major animated TV franchises from Hasbro Studios in multiple languages including‘Transformers: Rescue Bots’ and ‘G.I. Joe: Renegades’.

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What Big Data and Social Media Can Do For You

(10 July 2015) An opinion piece from our CEO Lucas Bertrand on the power of social media and utilising big data.

Televisual – What Big Data and Social Media Can Do For You


MoMedia Signs Deal With DreamWorks Classics

(24 June 2015) The agreement will see MoMedia repackage and distribute over 20 series and 800 episodes of DreamWorks Classics TV content to VoD platforms worldwide, excluding North America. The distribution campaign will also see MoMedia reinvigorate classic and contemporary DreamWorks Classics content including ‘Postman Pat’, ‘Noddy’, ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’, ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ and ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ with social media marketing campaigns and promotional activity.

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